Do Stop Believing

My name is Desertdemocrat, and I am not a Christian. I do not believe in god, the virgin birth, or the resurrection of Jesus. I do believe the bible is good literature, but I do not believe it is the word of god. In other words, I am very much like those whom we so fondly call our “founding fathers.”

This is why I was so pleased to see a post on Jonathan Turley’s blog noting that the American people are losing faith in organized religion. Of course, I would be happier if the report showed the people are becoming realists rather than believers, but I’ll take this step in the right direction.

Turley cites a recent Gallup poll showing

only 44 percent of people expressing a “great deal” of confidence in organized religion — down from the 1970s when 68 percent of Americans had a high degree of confidence.

He also refers us to one of his earlier posts that shows there is also

 a decline in actual faith figures around the world with rising numbers of atheists and agnostics.

This all gives me hope.

And, I want this t-shirt.

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