Bitter Sweet

Costas hummingbird

Hummingbirds are fascinating creatures. My Mom taught me how to mix food for them and fill a feeder when I was just a kid, and I have done so for much of my adult life. Yesterday as I cleaned and filled our hummingbird feeder, I was reminded of my Mom’s love of hummingbirds. As much as I enjoy seeing the little devils dive bombing each other at the feeder every evening, it’s a somewhat bitter sweet experience now that my Mom is gone.

Mom adored her hummingbirds. She talked to and about them them every day. She was often worried they weren’t getting enough food, they hadn’t migrated in time, and they’d be cold at night. Her feeder was rarely allowed to hit empty before she filled it or made sure one of us kids did.

Her feeder hung outside her kitchen window just as mine does, and she used to watch the birds feed in the evening as she washed the dishes just as I do now.

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