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I’ve been thinking about dust. Not the inconvenient kind that needs to be wiped off a table every once in a while, but the changing the environment kind of dust; the kind of dust that drove people from the great … Continue reading

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It’s Caturday

Scooter Pie isn’t shy about his feelings

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Welcome to the Real World

Nominally is amazed one can order food from a touch screen. Guess Jeeves does the ordering, ahem, preparing of food for him

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Caturday, Kitteh Edition

Monty and Rocky are a joy.

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Meet the Kittehs

Took Bonnie to the vet yesterday for her annual check up and discovered my vet was finding abandoned animals outside her building every morning for the past several weeks. Yesterday someone had abandoned a box of kittens and some four … Continue reading

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Eastern Time

To say our time in NY and CT was fabulous is to understate the quality of our visit. The weather was wonderful; yes, it rained a good bit, but never at a time that interfered with our plans, and the … Continue reading

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