Razing Arizona

My friend Steve often says of the Civil War, “they (the North) should have just let them secede.” Often I think he’s right. Imagine not having to deal with the bible belt and the fundies who occupy it. Oh joy!

Then there’s my adopted state. Yes, I live in Arizona, although I try not to let on when traveling. Arizona has a rough history, but when I arrived Janet Napolitano was Governor and as such, she kept all the crazies at bay. Racist, hate-filled and batshit crazy bills came before and she vetoed them. It’s fitting she was called to serve as the third Secretary of Homeland Security having kept the world safe from Arizona those six years she was in office.

According to Wikipedia, as Governor

Napolitano set records for total number of vetoes issued. In 2005, she set a single session record of 58 vetoes, breaking Jane Dee Hull‘s 2001 record of 28. This was followed in June 2006, less than four years into her term, when she issued her 115th veto and set the all-time record for vetoes by an Arizona governor. The previous record of 114 vetoes was set by Bruce Babbitt during his nine years in office. By the time she left office, the governor had issued 180 vetoes.

Thank the goddess for Napolitano.

But when called to serve a higher office, Napolitano left Arizona in the hands of the then Secretary of State (AZ doesn’t have a Lt Governor) Jan Brewer.

Since Brewer took office in 2008, she’s signed into law many of the bills Napolitano vetoed. Brewer brought us SB 1070 and guns in restaurants and bars; she’s made drastic cuts in education, state medicare, and mental health, she’s defunded Planned Parenthood; and she’s effectively outlawed abortion by signing a bill that defines conception as taking place 2 weeks before pregnancy.

And, she’s refused to curtail Joe Arpaio’s harassment of Latinos and allowed his lapses in investigating domestic violence claims. Under her leadership, Arizona has been the subject of a number of federal investigations and lawsuits, and the state garners more of the same with every unconstitutional bill the legislature passes and she signs into law.

Now Arizona has a new claim to its craziest state fame. Secretary of State Ken Bennett. Last week Bennett, a Republican and Mitt Romney’s AZ election co-chair, brought the state more lunacy by announcing an investigation into Obama’s birth certificate and threatening to keep the president off the state’s ballot unless he saw definitive proof from Hawaii that the president was born there. Bennett claimed he was launching this investigation because many constituents had sent him emails asking him to do so.

Finally today, after days of ridicule and embarrassing the sane among those who live here, Bennett announced he wouldn’t seek to keep the president off the November ballot. As TPM reports, Bennett

still intends to keep asking Hawaii for verification that Obama’s birth certificate is authentic. But he said he only plans to use Hawaii’s answer as a way to satisfy demands from constituents who remain unconvinced Obama is a natural born citizen of the United States and so therefore eligible to be president.

Again, thank the goddess, and  officials in Hawaii who responded to Bennett’s request by saying they did not believe he was qualified to investigate Barack Obama’s birth certificate. Aloha asshole! See the email exchange between AZ secretary of state’s office and Hawaii’s deputy attorney general for a few zingers at TPM.

Of course, we still have Sheriff Joe’s birther plot to contend with since he has dispatched a deputy from his “threats unit” to Hawaii along with a lunatic volunteer posse guy. Add deputy Brian Mackiewcz and Michael Zullo to the state’s list of evil idiots. Remember earlier in the year when Arpaio announced that he and other posse members had determined a copy of the birth certificate released last year by the White House was a fraud? Now this.Of course, Maricopa County tax payers like me are footing the bill for the airfare to and from Hawaii and hotel so these hate mongers can strut their stuff. More tax payer money going to benefit or bail out the zealots.

Hopefully officials in Hawaii will arrest Mackiewcz and Zullo, Arpaio will drop dead after a massive coronary, and a Planned Parenthood banner will mysteriously become airborne and take off Brewer’s head.

Hey, a girl can dream right?

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2 Responses to Razing Arizona

  1. Doc says:

    Jan Brewer has finally driven me to consider moving back to Nebraska. Seriously! It’s much cheaper to live there, and while the politics are still right-wing they are neither so nutty nor so vicious as they are here in Arizona. And maybe I could score my niece’s football tickets once in a while.
    Joking. I think. Otherwise I can only hope that things have gotten so bad that the citizens of Arizona will rebel at the polls. But reading the letters to the editor in the Republic demonstrates that there’s little chance of that happening soon.

    • desertdem says:

      That the state continues to gut the education budget (what education budget one might ask) making for ignorant and even stupid citizens frightens me and causes me to wonder if things might get worse before they get better.

      But because I live here, I have to believe people will wake up and realize the legislature does not represent them but rather represents the most heinous and vicious members of the state’s population.

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