Where’s the Kitty?

Took Scooter Pie in for an ultrasound today. He’s been having problems with diarrhea, and x-rays showed some possible inflammation in his abdominal area, so the doc thought an ultrasound was the way to go. Scooter Pie, however, wasn’t so sure about it as this photo shows:
If you look toward the back, you can see a bit of fur, but he’s pretty well hidden.

He was actually quite good during the ultrasound and very needy once we returned home. He looks pretty funny, though, with his bald belly swaying as he walks. I wonder if that’ll itch as it grows back.

All signs point to kitty IBS, which I’ve learned isn’t all that uncommon in older cats. Although doc ultrasound thinks we should do a colonoscopy to rule out something other than IBS, I’m sure my vet will recommend a less invasive route and we’ll start with diet modification.

In the meantime, Scooter Pie’s belly blowing in the wind; I’m just hoping we can get his diarrhea under control and he can return to his cushy life.

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