Inquiring Minds, I’m Sure

Dear Reader(s),

I’m sure you’ve been wondering about this all day; will she buy one? She’s an Apple fanatic, so she probably will. But, she has an iPad, so will she figure out a way to justify getting a new one?

The answer is yes. I bought a new iPad. A black one that connects to the Internet over Wi-Fi and cellular data networks. My other iPad did the same, but not nearly as fast as this new one does. That iPad is now the property of Mr. Desert.

The display is amazing. The 2.3 million extra pixels make a huge difference–that’s means a 9.7-inch screen is delivering a whopping 2048 x 1536 resolution. That’s better resolution than our fairly new HD television! I can’t stop looking at it and at anything open in it. I’m planning to download a movie and watch it while flying to CA on Monday. Any recommendations?

There’s also voice dictation support built into the virtual keyboard. I’ve tested it a bit, and it works quite well. There was a time when I thought dictation software was going to save me lots of time, but the thing is, you have to say “period,” and “comma” and “new paragraph,” and that has long irritated me–almost as much as UConn losing in the first round of this year’s NCAA tournament irritated me.

It’s also much faster than my earlier iPad. I no longer have to wait while a program loads or a page refreshes so the content is clearer. I haven’t had much time to work with it yet, so I cannot sing all its praises. Those will have to wait until later.

Speaking of waiting, I didn’t have to do much of it. I went to my local Apple Store around 2:00 this afternoon. I decided if there were any left, it would be a sign I should buy one. There was no line. There were two employees and a security guard at the door, and the place was packed. One of the door dudes asked me what I was looking for. I said I was interested in a black iPad that was Wi-Fi and cell data capable. He asked me what size and carrier. They were out of the AT&T iPads, but the carrier didn’t matter that much to me since I’ve used both Verizon and AT&T and haven’t noticed much difference in coverage or speed. Seems that had lots of Wi-Fi only models left, by the way.

So, door dude gave me a white card with the model specs I was looking for and sent me to where at one time there must have been a huge line. They had a set up like the ones in movie theaters when a new Harry Potter movie is released, but it was just me and a female employee who took my card, spoke into an iPhone (of course) then turned to me and said a representative would be right with me. Within moments a handsome young man came out of the store, shook my hand, looked at my card and said “follow me.” There were hordes gathered around various tables, and as we walked past I realized they were gathered for classes on how to set up and use their new iPad, iPhone, etc. The handsome young man and I exchanged pleasantries for a few moments, then another blue shirted fellow walked over and handed my iPad to my handsome representative. He asked me about Apple Care (they have a new version for phones, pads, and pods that’ll replace them for up to 2 years even if you accidentally toss it into a pool); I’d already decided to buy it since having it for my laptop saved my ass just this past summer. Handsome young man, scanned my iPad box, the bar code for Apple Care, gave me a total, scanned my card and sent the receipt to my email, and off I went. The whole thing took less than 10 minutes.

Once I got home, the set up took even less time. I’d backed up my old iPad to the cloud last night in case I made this purchase, so all I had to do was ask the new iPad to connect to the cloud and do the set up. Then I set up the monthly cellular data plan, and I was done.

Now, did I really need this new iPad: no, not really although now Mr Desert has one of his own. But given what I’ve been through since the middle of January, I decided to treat myself. It hasn’t taken away the pain, but now I do have a new gadget to occupy my thoughts.

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