You Bet I’m Packin’

Following a Facebook link today, I landed on’s petition site ( to sign a petition asking the Arizona State Legislature to stop the passage of  HB 2729 which will allow guns in public buildings that do not have armed guards or metal detectors at entrances. Although this bill doesn’t allow guns on school grounds (they’re working on a specific one for those purposes), it does allow people to carry guns in libraries, play grounds, public pools and lots of other places guns do not belong.

Now my readers will recall I was so pissed off by all the protect our right to have a gun whenever and wherever I damn well want to god dammit, or somebody with a gun will kill you bullshit, that I offered a proposal that might work as a first step to temper the gun madness.

So today as I am reading more of Arizona’s brainless gasbags that make up much of our state legislature, I asked myself, “Self, why are these guys so obsessed with being able to have a gun with them at all times?” And suddenly I knew:

It’s an overcompensation thing.

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