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It’s Caturday

It’s Caturday, so time for some pictures of Scooter Pie. He went to the vet on Thursday and learned he is now considered a senior. He had a whole series of tests and x-rays and even a check of his … Continue reading

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I have so much work to catch up and so much that lay ahead of me that I want to scream ENOUGH! UNCLE! HELP?! I spent most of Monday and all day today grading papers, and I haven’t even made … Continue reading

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The Creeping Evil of Blackboard

Blackboard has acquired Moodlerooms and NetSpot. I suppose that’s what evil LMS companies do; they take over the competition and then move onto open source providers.

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And They Said It Wouldn’t Last

We were close friends in college and still are today; that’s a gift I will forever treasure. I know, it’s hard to tell so much time has passed.

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Laughter Amid Tears

I’m in northern California to do some more stuff at my Mom’s. It’s been a difficult trip, but there has been a lot of laughter too. For example, while going through my Mom’s clothes yesterday, we (a friend from college … Continue reading

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The Comic Strip the GOP Does Not Want You to See

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It’s Caturday

I’ve been remiss in celebrating Caturday, so here’s a twofer:

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