It has been a week plus a few days since my c-spine surgery, and I am feeling fabulous. The pain that caused me to elect to have surgery is gone, and while my neck muscles still tire by the end of the day I have nothing spine or nerve-wise to complain about here.

I’ve been being a pretty good patient and wearing the soft collar when in the car or walking around, but I hate it. It’s cumbersome, restricts my neck movement, and makes me sweat. So, I’m working to retire it a few days earlier than the doc recommended.

My other failure as a patient was in keeping the incision covered. The damn bandages were 12×12 and hot as hell. My incision is less than 3/4 of an inch! Between the itching and the feeling like I  had the X-Files’ Flukeman stuck to my neck, I decided to take it off. A few days later, the steri-strips fell off, so my incision is free!

I need to make an appt with my doc for next week so she can examine the incision and remove the 2 stitches. Then I have a RX for some PT. That’s all good, no bones about it (ok, that was awful, but I couldn’t resist).

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One Response to Neckcadence

  1. Doc says:

    Congratulations! This is Very Good News.

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