Forget Control: A New Approach

Seems every time I listen to the local news the focus is on someone shooting someone else or a child getting access to a gun and shooting him or herself or another child.

In my state, it is legal to carry a concealed weapon and the Senate Judiciary Committee has passed Senate Bill 1474, which requires public universities and community colleges to allow anyone age 21 or older with a concealed-carry permit to carry a gun on campus. The schools can keep the guns out of buildings, stadiums and classrooms if they provide secure gun lockers. Other states, Oregon, Utah, Wisconsin and Mississippi require campuses to allow concealed weapons on campus as well.

The AZ Senate Judiciary Committee also passed a bill that would loosen restrictions on carrying guns in public buildings, including city halls, libraries or municipal swimming pools.

Among the ongoing hysteria of the GOP presidential candidates and the party itself is that President Obama is going to take away every gun in the United States. He was going to do it when first elected, they said, but now, if elected for a second term, they say he’s really going to do it this time.

Anytime anyone suggests we might think about putting limits on gun ownership or the purchasing of guns, things like a waiting period, a background check, a restriction on assault weapons, the right-wing gun zealots go ape shit and argue only criminals will have guns, the government will storm homes and take away the guns, and anyone without a gun will be shot dead because s/he won’t have a means of defense.

Now all these claims are bull shit, plain and simple bull shit. But no amount of logic, no reasonable arguments, no evidence to the contrary is going to stop the madness.

So, I have an idea. I’ll admit upfront that I haven’t worked out all the details, and I am sure there are important things I’ve failed to consider. So I am asking you, my good reader, to help me flesh out this proposal and let me know if you think I am onto something.

My proposal is a kind a if ya can’t beat ’em join ’em approach. Since we can’t seem to convince the firearm fanatics to consider any kind of alternative point of view, let’s let them have their guns. Moreover, let’s rescind all existing gun laws. But let’s do this on a regional basis over the next few years.

I propose we begin with the southeastern states, say from Florida, Georgia, North and South Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi,  Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, and  Texas. Residents in these states will be notified well in advance that by X date, all existing guns laws will be rescinded. By means not yet conceived, any citizen of those states who wishes to relocate up to that day will be able to do so. Homeowners will continue to own their homes as will business owners continue to own their businesses. Perhaps some of the profit from increased gun sales will be allot to help pay for the relocation and livelihoods of those residents who choose to move. This first phase will run up to 6 months. At the end of those 6 months, the process will begin in a region including New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Utah, Colorado, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Kansas. And so on. By the end of the first year, I suspect the residents who chose to leave states in phase one and phase two will be free to return to their homes and business without fear since all but the non-hunting folk who remained along with the fanatical gun residents will be dead or suffering from life threatening gunshot wounds. Those who remaining will be more than willing to reinstate the most sensible gun laws and welcome the returnees with open, gun free arms.

The process will then begin in the northeast if necessary and wrap up in California, Oregon, and Washington. There’s a chance that residents in the remaining states will come to recognize the dangers of a society without gun laws having watched the killings and mayhem that will have marked the states in phase one and phase two. If not, by the end of a 2-year period, the US should no longer be populated by gun zealots, and that alone will bring major changes to US society.

Again, I understand this proposal is in its very early phase. Much more research is needed, and I hope you, my dear reader, will offer assistance where you are able. Perhaps if we work together, we can rid this country of the gun zealots. Just imagine how many social problems that will solve.

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3 Responses to Forget Control: A New Approach

  1. Doc says:

    What a fantastic idea. Do you think it will take six months to kill everyone? Things might develop faster if the proposal included funding for guards (armed with say, rocket-propelled grenades) to watch over the temporarily abandoned properties. Because groceries will immediately be hard to come by–not to mention drugs and booze–except for those who plan ahead, form gangs of thugs, and immediately loot everything in sight once gun laws are abolished. Truck drivers sure as hell will refuse to drive through the affected states, and train companies will think twice about allowing their people and machinery to go there, nor will planes land. Also, there will be no consensual hetero sex because all women and female children will have to leave during the law-free period in order to avoid armed assault. Etc.

    • desertdem says:

      Funding for armed guards is a good idea. Let’s add that to the plan. This could be an opportunity to provide short-term jobs for soldiers returning from Iraq and Afghanistan, and we can use the weapons we bring back from there as well. I don’t think it’ll take more than 3 months, but I figured 6 would allow for the necessary clean up. I don’t want those who relocated to return to blood flowing in the streets.

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