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It has been a week plus a few days since my c-spine surgery, and I am feeling fabulous. The pain that caused me to elect to have surgery is gone, and while my neck muscles still tire by the end … Continue reading

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Book ’em

I’ve spent the better part of my life reading and thinking about books. Lately that thinking and reading has turned more to the contemporary nature of books and reading. As I’ve noted elsewhere, I have mixed feelings about the move … Continue reading

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Forget Control: A New Approach

Seems every time I listen to the local news the focus is on someone shooting someone else or a child getting access to a gun and shooting him or herself or another child. In my state, it is legal to … Continue reading

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Really? with Seth and Amy: Birth Control

Really? with Seth and Amy: Birth Control.

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Our Little Babeu

Jesus’s General

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I’m Desertdemocrat’s Spine

I began having symptoms of cervical spine problems while in high school. Sometimes I would turn my head, hear a “snap,” and my neck would lock up. Sometimes it would release within a few moments, sometimes it would do so … Continue reading

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Remembering Mom

Here’s an announcement from the December 16, 1977 Gridley Herald

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