Some Good News

I was browsing through the articles Zite provided in my “Pets” feed last night as is now my habit, and I came across a piece at Ohmidog citing stats from the 2011 PetHealth Inc report that showed dogs and cats faired better in 2011 than they did in 2011.

Dawggies an Kittehs r frenz

Dawggies an Kittehs r frenz










PetHealth, Inc. aggregates data from animal welfare organizations each year, and the 2011 report

aggregates data from 795 animal welfare organizations. Findings were based on 1,537,961 intakes and 1,508,754 outcomes for dogs and cats that entered or left animal welfare organizations in 2011.

There was a 6% decline over 2010 in the number of cat intakes, which includes a 5 percent decline in owner surrenders and a 9 percent decline in strays. In addition, there was an 11% decline in euthanasia.

Dogs didn’t do quite as well, but dog adoptions increased 2 percent, and the euthanasia of dogs declined 3 percent over the same period.

We, of course, need to do better. We need more shelters; we need to continue educating people about the need to neuter and spay their pets; and we need to shift the thinking about pet surrender. Pets are part of the family. If some one were to surrender a child to an adoption agency because that child shit on the floor, or was a handful, people would be outraged. We need to engender the same outrage for surrendered animals.

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One Response to Some Good News

  1. juliepruitt says:

    Great post! You’re exactly right: We need to educate about the importance of spay and neuter and change our thinking on pet surrender because that’s the only way things will change.

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