Bring on 2012

A final post of the year seems in order. Rather than recall the high and low lights of the year, though, I think I’ll talk a bit about our fairly long standing New Year’s eve gathering.

As some of you know, we live in a cul de sac with wonderful neighbors, well all but two houses are filled with wonderful people. When we first moved here now 13+ years ago, the ritual was to gather in the cul de sac for the New Year’s eve celebration. We eat and drink and chat the night away, then at midnight, we’d build a fire with the desert dry Christmas trees we’d all taken down. It was great fun, and we quickly learned we lived in a special place. Even those who’d once lived in the cul de sac returned for the evening.

Over the years, the number of us with real trees grew smaller as did our gathering. Some people grew unfriendly (and remain so), and others, like us, joined the gathering later and later because it seemed so cold, or uncomfortable.

Several years ago, we moved the party indoors. No more burning of the Christmas trees (and I think no more real trees, either), but the same fun filled evening of food, and drink and discussions. We added playing cards to the mix, and now we spend the late hours trying to figure out whose turn it is.

A couple years ago a new neighbor was spending the evening with family who were visiting from the southern part of the state, so we decided to welcome them all to the cul de sac by dancing in, through, and out of his house in a conga line as the clock struck midnight.

Tonight, then, for many of us it will be the 13th time we’ve celebrated the closing of the year together in the cul de sac. I relish these friendships and look forward to many more such gatherings.

Happy New Year to all!

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