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Governor Embarrassment


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Some Good News

I was browsing through the articles Zite provided in my “Pets” feed last night as is now my habit, and I came across a piece at Ohmidog citing stats from the 2011 PetHealth Inc report that showed dogs and cats … Continue reading

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More Readers, More Reading

Jeremy Greenfield, Editorial Director of Digital Book World, asks in “Will More People Read Books Because of E-Books? Publishers Not So Optimistic,” As more people buy e-readers and tablet computer sales continue to grow, will more people read books than … Continue reading

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Felines for Football

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What a Game!

I was born a 49er fan. My first words were “Montana to Rice.” In the 1980s, mother somehow talked her way into the 49er locker room and got her NFL jacket signed by much of the team. I was in … Continue reading

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Three to Four Million Too Many

Ghandi once said “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” Using that measure, the US has some work to do. We may be a super power, but our … Continue reading

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Voting Whites

Artist Steve Greenburg’s cartoon speaks the truth: all this fervor over voter fraud is really about the old guard’s desire to ensure no one other than white males, preferably those who own land or have some other capital, has access … Continue reading

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