As anyone who has cats living with her knows, they are in charge. I laugh when people ask how our cats are because we no more possess them than we do a million dollars. Yes, we buy their food, litter and toys, and we pay their medical bills. As far as they’re concerned, that’s how it is supposed to be.

I’m reminded of this each time I work in my home office. I don’t even have a chance to settle in at my desk before Scooter Pie is trying to lay on the keyboard or knocking all the stuff I’ve carefully pile on the desk onto the floor. I want to work; he wants attention. He’s so persistent that he wins. Each time I think he’ll give up if I keep putting him on the floor, or onto the cat tower. I’ve even gone so far as to put a towel down in the hope that he’ll park himself on it. Hell, I actually bought my current desk with him in mind.

Boomer pretty much behaves in my office. He jumps on the desk, gets some pets, then leaps onto the cat tower and settles into one of the beds there. He is most insistent when I go to bed. He kneads my shoulder, purrs in my ear, pats my face, pulls at the covers, and paws my hair so he can lay on it. There’s no ignoring him; if I don’t respond he purrs louder and kneads and pats harder.

They both insist on visiting me in the bathroom; in fact, I don’t think I have been alone in one of my own bathrooms for years. They want to drink from the sink, hide behind the shower curtain, or just come in to see what they might be missing.

So when I saw this picture on LoL Cats, I had to laugh. I imagine this is exactly what Boomer and Scooter do when we’re not looking. They revel in their ability to make their humans do whatever they want.funny pictures - ROFLMEOW
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