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I Don’t Need a Calendar, but

This calendar includes two of my faves: buff men and cats

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As anyone who has cats living with her knows, they are in charge. I laugh when people ask how our cats are because we no more possess them than we do a million dollars. Yes, we buy their food, litter … Continue reading

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The I in Syllabi

I’ve spent much of the last couple of days working on my syllabus for my English 102–First Year Writing–course. As I so often do, I chose to work with a new textbook this semester which means I am basically starting … Continue reading

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Paul Can Run, But He Can’t Hide

I wasn’t aware of the racist newsletters published in the late 1980s and early 1990s under Ron Paul’s name before news of his storming out of a CNN interview with Gloria Borger. Paul said he was sick of reporters “pester[ing]” … Continue reading

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Purrfect for Christmas

Alfra Martini of aymvisuals has brought us some Christmas editions of his wonderful Kitten Covers collection: If you have some time, check out Martini’s other photo recreations of legendary albums; they’re wonderful!

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One of the things I get to do during the summer and semester breaks is read for fun. It’s not that I’m otherwise reading deprived, but rather than this time of year I have time to read non-work related stuff. … Continue reading

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Pavlov’s Dog, Hah!

No, I’m not talking about 1970’s band whose second album,¬†At the Sound of the Bell (1976), is among my favorite of their album titles. Rather, I am sitting here laughing about yet another of Bonnie’s conditioned responses. I have no … Continue reading

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UConn v Baylor

First let me say that Griner is simply awesome. She has made tremendous improvement in her game. Her over the left shoulder sky hook is beautiful. She is going to get better and better, and the teams facing Baylor are … Continue reading

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Thinking Outside the Box

Sometime this past summer one of our cats began to shit outside the litter box, not occasionally, but every damn day. I suspected it was Boomer, our orange tabby; he’s more devious than our other cat, Scooter Pie, and so … Continue reading

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Bare It? I Think Not

While browsing the interwebs this morning I came across an article by Ashley Fetters in the Atlantic that left me dumbfounded. If Fetters and those she interviews and cites are right, 20-something white, middle class young women prefer to bare … Continue reading

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