I give up. I don’t know what Mr. Desert or I did to piss of the gods of things with moving parts and/or things that make other things go, but enough is really enough.

First there was the explosion of our hot water heater in May. It was awful and expensive, but we survived. We anticipated these things come in threes, so we waited, hoping whatever was next was easy and cheap to replace or fix. Months passed, we uncrossed our fingers and moved on with our lives.

Until September when our air conditioning began making weird noises. Wham! We were floored when the a/c tech said, “Well, I’m sorry to have to tell you this, but you need a new motor.” We celebrated a bit when we learned the part was under warranty; then the tech said, “Ah, we don’t have any of this model in stock. It’ll be at least a couple of days before we can get one in.” Holy hothouse Batman! September in Arizona without air conditioning? But we managed; sure it was hot and uncomfortable and the animals kept moving from tile to tile in search of some place cool, but we toughed it out.

Then my 17 year old microwave died, and Mr. Desert’s car battery bit the dust, and the pool pump sprung a leak, and our mixer went kerpoof, and . . .  . I feel certain this is only a few of the things with moving parts and/or things that make other things go we had to fix or replace since September; I think I have repressed the others.

But this past Friday was life changing. We are now a 1 car family. While my car was in for routine maintenance (plus new front brakes I didn’t know I needed!), we were using Mr. Desert’s car. The smell of gasoline permeated our garage, so we had it checked when we went to pick up my car: some thing or another (I couldn’t bear to listen) in the fuel whatever was cracked. The repair would cost more than the car was worth.

We left in my car, now our only car.

So this, I hope, is our final sacrifice the gods of things with moving parts and/or things that make other things go.

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2 Responses to Uncle!

  1. Doc says:

    Good luck! Sounds as though everything with moving parts that can break, has.
    Oh crap–hope I haven’t jinxed anything by saying that!

  2. desertdem says:

    I feel as if the jinx has been on for months, so I don’t imagine you did any harm. I do long for the days when things were made to last. My mom’s washing machine is 30 yrs old, and her water heater is just a few years older. The microwave we just purchased will likely last 5 years; the previous one nuked along for 17.

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