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Blogity, Blog, Blog, Blog

The semester is screaming to an end, so I have little time to write here. Instead, I offer cat pictures:   Advertisements

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This Works for Me

I am no fan of he who shall not be named, and while I wish harm on no one, this made me laugh

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The Power of Photoshoppers

Lt. John Pike, the U.C. Davis campus police officer who is clearly seen pepper-spraying a group of passive student protesters, is showing up in some famous paintings in a meme designed to shame him and UC, Davis┬áChancellor Linda Katehl. These … Continue reading

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Boogie Shoes

This past May, I bought a pair of Skechers Shape ups. One of my favorite catalogs, Footsmart, had them on sale, and I thought they would be a useful addition to my post-foot surgery rehab. Yesterday I put them on … Continue reading

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Ya Put Your Left Foot In

Last February, I had surgery on my left foot. You can read all the details here. The surgery went well, but I was in a cast longer than planned because the new bone I needed to grow didn’t, or at … Continue reading

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For Doc and Her New Game

see more Lolcats and funny pictures,

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Rhet/Comp Ryan Gosling

Enjoying this site too much I think:                 Check it out at

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