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I don’t know if my many readers have been following Jack’s story, so I’ll start with some background.

Karen Pascoe left for JFK on August 31st 25th of this year. She was leaving New York and moving to San Jose, Calif., to take a job. Of course, she had her two cats, Jack and Barry, with her. She’d hoped to carry her cats onto the plane, but since they were too large to be kenneled together and fit under the seat, Pascoe got them each a kennel, went through security and handed over her cats to American Airlines workers, each cat in a secured plastic pet carrier; while she was waiting to board, her cellphone rang. Five-year-old Jack, she was told, had gone missing in the inbound baggage processing area at Terminal 8. How he escaped his kennel has yet to be determined.

This, if you recall, was the weekend Hurricane Irene made her way up the east coast, wreaking havoc along the way. The airlines were scrambling to get passengers and planes to their destinations, and after a futile search, American Airline staff reassured Pascoe they would find and return Jack so she continued her flight. After arriving in CA, Ms. Pascoe tied, but was unable to reach anyone at American Airlines for some 60 hours. Finally, 66 hours later, she got a call from a baggage manager who said they were still searching for Jack and that the last time something like this happened, it took about a month to find the cat. Pascoe was scared and furious.

Pascoe turned that fury into a PR nightmare for American Airlines. She created a FaceBook page, “Jack the Cat is Lost in AA Baggage at JFK“, and pet lovers like me took up Jack’s cause. As news of AA’s pathetic response spread, American Airlines’ wall on FB was flooded with pleas to do more to find Jack. If you take a peak at the link to AA’s FB page you’ll see the airline tried to make up for lost time: they agreed to fly Pascoe to NY and assist in her search; they set up have a heart traps; they put out food and water; they posted flyers with Jack’s picture throughout their employee areas; and they set-up searches. Many of the people concerned about Jack searched the area as well. As weeks and months passed, they found other cats (see “Jack the Cat is Lost in AA Baggage at JFK” for details)–10 of whom have homes. but not Jack. Not until last night.

At 12:00 PM EST, American Airlines announced they had found Jack:

American Airlines is happy to announce that Jack the Cat has been found at JFK airport. American’s team of airport employees have been focused on the search effort since Jack escaped on August 25, 2011. Jack was found in the customs room and was immediately taken by team members to a local veterinarian.

American’s priority was advising Jack’s owner, Ms Pascoe, which occurred immediately after he was identified.  Now we are also happy to advise all other Friends of Jack of this news. American plans to fly Jack to California to be reunited with Ms Pascoe.

The ongoing search efforts to locate Jack have included many employees at the airport who have remained vigilant in their search and committed to finding Jack. We thank the Friends of Jack for their ongoing search efforts outside the JFK perimeter and share everyone’s relief that he has been found.

While news spread, Jack was transported to an emergency vet in Queens. He was scanned (and this is why we all need to microchip our pets) and 24hour pet watch contacted Pascoe. According to posts on the “Jack the Cat is Lost in AA Baggage at JFK” page, the vet told Pascoe that Jack was dehydrated and had lost a lot of weight.  Later reports advised that he was in an ICU and receiving IV fluids. This morning news on “Jack the Cat is Lost in AA Baggage at JFK” FB page was that

Jack is stable but will need treatment for at least the next 3-5 days. He does have fatty liver disease, which occurs when a cat hasn’t eaten in a while. He is currently not stable enough to be operated on, and is being fed through a nasal tube.

Apparently morning news programs covered the story, but  I missed them all because I had to work (damn!). The last I read, Jack was resting, being tube fed and receiving IV fluids, and American Airlines had offered to fly Pascoe to NY (and I hope back to CA with Jack).

Two months lost and afraid and without sufficient food or water; I look at my kitties and shuddered at the thought. But the good news, even fantastic news is that Jack has been found and is receiving excellent medical care. Thank the goddess. Let’s hope Jack is reunited with Pascoe and Barry soon.

Update: I just read on “Jack the Cat is Lost in AA Baggage at JFK” that Barry had been so distraught without his buddy Jack that Pascoe decided to adopt a new friend for him. Her name is Milly. I hope Milly and Jack meet soon.

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