Holy Moly!

I’ve been on the hunt for a Jesus riding a dinosaur t-shirt since a conversation with Doc the other day during which she shared that her sister was astonished to find a huge statue of Jesus riding a dinosaur at the entrance to the creation museum in Kentucky. If you want to know about the museum, google it; I am not going to link to it here.

Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to locate a museum shop. But I have found a number of interesting tee-s.

Here is one from Cafe Press:

And here’s one from zazzle.com
I also like this shirt I found at another Cafe Press shop

I also came across this fascinating piece: according to Fidel Aveugle, Faith Archeologist, “Jesus wasn’t nailed to a cross, he was savaged by a T. Rex according to new evidence from the Holy Land.” It seems his pet dino did him in. I encourage you to read the article. I found it enlightening.

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One Response to Holy Moly!

  1. Doc says:

    Now what sort of evidence from the Holy Land would demonstrate such a thing? Holy bones inside a dinosaur skeleton? And what is to be gained making such an outlandish claim, even from a Chreestyen point of view? The spotlight, I guess.
    My vote is for Raptor Jesus.

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