It’s refreshing to see that Texans have their priorities straight. A guest blogger at Think Progress writes that over 100,000 people showed up at convention center just seven miles down the road from Gov. Rick Perry (R) and The Response prayer rally in Huston Saturday.  The crowd at the George R Brown Convention Center was more than four times larger than anticipated and many who stood in line had to be turned away at the door.

The organizers said they expected some 125,000 children and their parents to take advantage of the “free backpacks, school supplies, uniforms, haircut vouchers, immunizations, and fresh produce” that were provided.

Guest blogger writes that

In 2009, more than one-fifth of Houston-area residents lived below the poverty level, 3 percentage points higher than the state average. Given the scope of the need, the HISD event provided more than just school supplies; the City of Houston donated 20,000 boxed lunches, and the local Food Bank gave 25,000 three-pound bags of food.

Although Gov. Rick Perry’s (R) The Response prayer rally was only a few miles down the the “governor prayed alongside some 30,000 people for all those “who have lost hope.” Ironically, Perry failed to mention “the multi-million dollar cuts his budget will inflict upon the Texas education system” or the more than 100,000 of his Houston constituents who will be subject to school budgets that will cover fewer supplies, pay for salaries for few teachers, and result in more crowded classrooms lined up for free back-to-school items.

I imagine those standing in line at the George R Brown Convention Center and the cuts to education never crossed the minds of those few who gathered for Perry’s rally. In fact, I imagine in their minds, those “who have lost hope” are the folks who see homosexuality as an abomination, abortion as murder, and a black president as the end of civilization as they know it.

Ya know what I have to say to those folks: TFB!

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