GOP BS: Don’t Buy It

Just how stupid does the GOP think we are? For the past few months they’ve been holding the US treasury hostage while they dick around about the debt ceiling, and now they’re trying to sell a bill of goods suggesting the debt limit is the president’s “thing.” So how does something John the orange man Boehner claimed a month or so ago on Face the Nation was an “obligation” of both parties, was “necessary” for policy reasons, and that a failure to do so risked “the end of our economy,” suddenly become the president’s thing?

Do the Tearepubs actually think the American people will buy this bridge to no where? Sure, they’ve managed to gut public education to the bone so those Americans who cannot afford the tuition of private school learn less and less each year. But it doesn’t take an economist to see bullshit when it’s thrown at him or her. Each and everyone of us who doesn’t make more than $500,000.00 per year (I’d say it’s more like $200,000.00, but I want to be generous here) has to budget. We have to know what money we have coming in, how much we need to pay our bills and pay down our loans and/or credit cards, and to save for upcoming costs such as our child’s college education, and unforeseen costs such as a  new water heater or a/c or an unanticipated vet bill. We understand that when our debt reaches more than we can possibly pay, we’re going to have to default on something–our mortgage, our kid’s college fund, our retirement fund–so we understand what a debt ceiling means. We might not understand the intricacies of the world economy or the machinations of congress and the treasury, but we know that the US should not default on our economic responsibilities and that to do so will have economic consequences.

So when Boehner says at a press conference today that  “[t]his debt-limit increase is [the president’s] problem, and I think it’s time for him to lead by putting his plan on the table, something that the Congress can pass,” does he expect his “fellow” citizens to nod in agreement? Does Mitch no lip McConnell think we won’t see through his “proposed deal” and understand that it is motivated by his and other rethuglicans’ realization that they’re losing the PR battle?

No matter how hard they try to sell the idea that Obama is responsible for the national debt and that raising revenue by raising taxes on hedge fund and other billionaires will stall the economy, the people just won’t buy it. McConnell’s “plan” is so transparent that even the public he and his ilk have sought to dumb-down for decades can see through it to the cynicism that motivates it.

Or at least I hope so. If not, perhaps the convoluted process McConnell has proposed–Obama asks Congress the raise the debt limit, they say no, that’s a bad idea you bad man, Obama says screw you, I can do what I want, Congress says, ok, you’re the boss, but you have to provide us with a list of things you’d cut to cover the debt increase even though we all know the list won’t really mean you’re gonna cut anything. It’s just that we’re hoping people will be pissed about the stuff you’ve noted on this meaningless list–will itself so confuse people that it return to bite him on the ass.

Note: sometime as I wrote the above, McConnell’s party turned on him and ripped his head from his shoulders. He, he, he. Even they are smarter than he thought.

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3 Responses to GOP BS: Don’t Buy It

  1. danielfee says:

    This is the Republican’s Hail Mary pass. They have painted themselves so far into the corner with their no new revenue pledge they are now asking Obama to bail them out so they can go back to their base and say we didn’t raise the debt ceiling the president did. Just how stupid do they think thier base is? Oh, that’s right they watch FOX. I guess that answers my question.

  2. Doc says:

    I didn’t see this post until today but, sadly, it is still right on. What galls me most about Mitch McConnell is that he is clearly far more worried about his party than about the country. As reflected in his remark that he is afraid his party will “own” the economic situation alongside Obama. As if they don’t already. Read the polls on who gets blamed for the recession, dumbkopf.

    Does anyone else think Mitch McConnell looks like he was drawn by a cartoonist?

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