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I opened my mail today from theĀ  Southern Poverty Law Center and found this: Just in case you are wondering, those dots represent 2145 active extremist groups in the US. Arizona is circled because that’s where I live. There is … Continue reading

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First, the PM is speaking at a time when the knee-jerk “it has to be Muslims” response was still operating. This shows just how far Islamophobia has spread. Second, despite the Islamophobia, the PM’s response is to insist on maintaining … Continue reading

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Why Cats Are So Relaxed

see more Lolcats and funny pictures, and check out our Socially Awkward Penguin lolz! Oh how I wish I could do cattitude. I would have so much less stress in my life.

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The Threat Isn’t from Outside

The most recent news out of Oslo, Norway is that at least 92 people are dead following the explosion of a bomb packed into a panel truck outside the building that houses the prime minister’s office in Oslo and the … Continue reading

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Read My Lips Mr President

Mr. President, I read your op-ed in today’s USAToday with great interest. I have been concerned about a number of reports over the last week or so suggesting you might be caving to the GOP and that you have been … Continue reading

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Doc Asks

Doc asks, “Does anyone else think Mitch McConnell looks like he was drawn by a cartoonist?” I don’t know what gives her such an idea:

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GOP BS: Don’t Buy It

Just how stupid does the GOP think we are? For the past few months they’ve been holding the US treasury hostage while they dick around about the debt ceiling, and now they’re trying to sell a bill of goods suggesting … Continue reading

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