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Fewer Suds All Around

If video really killed the radio star, then reality television killed the soap opera. But wait, I am getting ahead of myself. I remember sitting with my grandmother as she watched one of her “stories,” as she called them. As … Continue reading

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Devils Prevail

ASU Women’s Softball team continued to shine in last night’s 3-2 win over Texas A&M in the first game of an NCAA softball super regional at Farrington Stadium in Tempe. It was a tight game throughout. Dallas Escobedo followed up … Continue reading

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That’s It!

I’ve had it with network television. Season after season we’ve become involved in new series only to have them cancelled. Jericho, Invasion, Surface immediately come to mind. These shows are plot based, that is, they tell a story, and in … Continue reading

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Don’t Forget to Unplug the Iron

As I am sure you’ve all heard, the world is supposed to end on Saturday May 21, 2011. For some, this is serious business. Take New Yorker Robert Fitzpatrick, for example. New York Daily News reports Fitzpatrick spent $140,000¬†for an … Continue reading

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Book Ends

Today I read a piece by David Nagel at Campus Technology who suggests users of iPads and other tablets are increasingly turning to digital texts. Nagel writes, “[i]n fact, according to research released this week, time spent reading texts in … Continue reading

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Family Values

I was raised not to revel in the downfall of others, but in the case of John Ensign I just can’t help myself. Ensign faces possible criminal charges in the wake of the scathing report which was released today by … Continue reading

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Messy No More

Following the installation of our new water heater, we cleared everything out of our garage to determine if any of the stuff we’ve stuffed in there over the years was wet. So at one point today, other than the appliances, … Continue reading

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