Double-dose of Husky Fever

David J. Phillip, Kansas City Star

Last night in Houston, TX, the UConn men’s basketball team, lead by super star Kemba Walker, defeated the Kentucky Wildcats, 56-55 to move onto the championship game Monday night against the Butler Bulldogs.

Tonight, in Indianapolis, IN, the UConn women’s basketball team plays Notre Dame for a shot at the championship on April 5th. Notre Dame is going to be a challenge for the Huskies. First, they’re coming off of an historical win against Tennessee to get to the final four and will be pumped up and ready to continue their run; and second, the Huskies don’t have a deep bench, so fatigue and foul trouble could be a problem.

But, if super star Maya Moore, arguably the best player in women’s college

Maya Moore (Photo via Zimbio)

basketball, can play her game tonight–she’s averaging 22.5 points and 8.2 rebounds per game–and the other Huskies get some open shots and stay out of foul trouble, we could be headed toward a repeat of 2004 when both the men and women brought the NCAA championship trophy back to Storrs, CT, becoming the second school ever, and the first in Division I, to have won both the men’s and women’s NCAA National Championship.

If that happens again, expect the state of Connecticut to go bonkers! Basketball is to Connecticut what religion is to the bible belt, and Nutmegers take their college basket ball seriously. In fact, Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy has declared April 1 through April 3 as Husky Weekend in the state of Connecticut.

So let’s go Huskies!

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2 Responses to Double-dose of Husky Fever

  1. Doc says:

    Congrats on the men’s success. And good for Butler in knocking off a very good team so the huskies don’t have to face them.

    Sorry about the women’s loss. Too bad Maya’s college career had to end this way. They’ve nothing to blame themselves for, though–that Notre Dame team was on point throughout the game. The A&M/Stanford game was one of the toughest I’ve ever seen in women’s sports–people knocked to the ground repeatedly, requiring medical attention. So maybe UConn is well out of that.

  2. I was so hoping to see Maya in one more championship game; I was on the road driving back from CA last year. I listened to the game on the radio, but it’s not the same thing as seeing it on tee vee. And she’s such an amazing athlete; I’m saddened to see her college career end. But, she’s sure to be another in a long list of former UConn players in the WNBA, so I’ll get to watch her play again.

    You’re absolutely right about Notre Dame. They played one hell of a game and threw us off ours from the start. They earned that win.

    The Texas A&M/Stanford game was a brawl. They certainly stomped on the idea that women’s sports are soft. If the refs let them play like they did last night, Tuesday’s game will be just as rough.

    Now my hopes rest on Kimba and the rest of the men’s team: Go Huskies!

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