Aljazeera, which is becoming the go-to news sources for what’s happening in Japan, reports that works have once again been evacuated from the Fukushima

Daiichi nuclear plant after high levels of radiation–10 million times more than normal–were discovered.  Officials said the high levels of radiation were  probably caused by leakage from reactor vessels.

Engineers have been trying to stabilize the plant by pumping out radioactive water from the buildings housing three of the six reactors.

Meanwhile, tests by the Japanese nuclear safety agency revealed levels of radioactivity up to 1,850 times the usual level in seawater offshore the crippled plant compared to 1,250 measured on Saturday.

The ramifications of this nuclear disaster are terrifying to consider. The ground water, soil, food, sea and air around and beyond the plant are all subject to the short and long-term effects of radiation exposure.  We are all at risk.

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