When the Fringe Moves to the Center


How many teachers’ salaries, funds for social programs, subsidies for NPR, funds for clean energy does launching just one missile or flying one drone cost us?


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2 Responses to When the Fringe Moves to the Center

  1. kittyreporter says:

    Exactly. We need NPR because it makes us better informed and able to make better decisions. Without dedicated teachers and good public schools America will be unprepared for the future. We need to get our priorities straight. You might want to let your Congressional representatives hear your views. They don’t seem to read many blogs. It may require a phone call or two.

  2. Doc says:

    I heard somewhere that one firing one missile costs a million dollars. This figure does not include the cost of getting a very large ship to wherever it fires the missile from–the Med, in this instance.

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