Hitting the Wall

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As I wrote on Facebook last night, “I’m usually pretty good at facing challenges and dealing with the shit bombs that come my way, but I may well have reached my limit being in a cast again.” That was certainly the case today. This morning the exhaustion and pain were simply too much.

I got up after a full 8 hours of sleep and took a shower, fully intending to forge ahead with the day despite feeling like I wanted to crawl off somewhere and lick my wounds. But just the act of showering pushed me beyond my limits. I sat on the sofa to have some coffee and promptly dozed off. I tried to down another cup, and the same thing happened. I had hit a wall, and no force of will was going to move it.

Thankfully, I have a wonderful husband who understands how much I push myself and how I all-to-often ignore what my body is telling me. Today he knew before I could acknowledge it that I wasn’t going anywhere but back to bed. With his insistence, I called my carpool partner, arranged for Mr. Desert to drop off the gate key, and somehow managed to pop a pain pill and wheel myself back to bed. I slept for 6 hours. API missed seeing Kemba Walker’s beautiful buzzer beating jump shot that put #21 UConn in the semi-finals of the Big East tournament, beating third-ranked Pitt 76-74. They face #4 Syracuse tomorrow, 5pm MST.

As miserable as I felt today, this picture of  Kemba brought a smile to my face. He’s carried the Huskie’s all season, and he’s been on fire Hartford Courantthis week in UConn’s victories over De Paul on Tuesday, Georgetown yesterday, and Pitt today. He brings back memories of another great UConn player who hit a game winning buzzer beater 15 years ago in the 1996 Big East Tournament, beating Georgetown to win the tournament. Ray Allen

Ray Allen seen here on the right, on of UConn’s greatestest.

At least I have tomorrow’s game to look forward to after getting my stitches removed. Just wish I could get rid of the damn cast and pain at the same time.

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