Recalls Brewing in the Desert

The Huffington Post reported today on Saturday’s efforts by Arizona residents who are fed up with

Gov. Jan Brewer’s attacks on social programs to gather enough signatures to force a recall election.

As the Huffington Post reports, “432,000 signatures would need to be obtained by the end of May to force a recall election.”

The Committee to Recall  Arizona Governor Jan Brewer has a Web site where you can go for more information, to volunteer, to donate, and to get a petition kit and collect signatures.

In their call to action the committee notes:

We need a credible, visionary leader who is willing and determined to seek out alternative solutions to the challenges facing our state no matter where they originate . . . who is willing to entertain compromise  . . . and who does not view any human being as expendable “for the cause”.  We need a strong leader, but one who tempers difficult decisions with compassion and decency.  And, we need a leader who can help us rebuild our state’s tattered reputation along with our confidence in government while restoring our hope for a better future.  With your help, we can recall Governor Jan Brewer!

Over the protests of physicians, medical providers, health-related organizations, seniors’ groups, social services organizations, political leaders and the voters of Arizona, Brewer has cut the funds for organ transplants from the state’s Medicaid (AHCCCS) budget; two Arizona citizens slated for transplants before these cuts have died, and the 96 others for whom funding has been cut face the same fate.  Rather than restore funding as so many good citizens of Arizona have demanded, Brewer has proposed even deeper cuts to AHCCCS, cuts so egregious that the will require special authorization from the Federal government. In addition, she has ignored list of 26 different ways to come up with the mere $1 million plus  Rep. Steven Daglas, Republican from Illinois, sent her, options–such as allotting a portion of the annual $8.5 million in Arizona’s unclaimed lottery prize winnings and allocating much of the more than $2 million settlement with AIG–which, combined with federal matching funds, would pay for the transplants. Seems Brewer is hell-bent on making sure those threatened death panels can be found in the valley of the sun.

As these cuts–ones that disproportionately impact the poor in our state by terminating medical coverage for an estimated 280,000 needy Arizonans–and the governor’s proposed budget demonstrate, Brewer privileges her political agenda over the lives of those she has been elected to represent. She’d rather ensure the rights of gun owners than provide health care for the ill, and when pressed to do something other than kill off those in need of transplants, she’d opted to eliminate funding for 5,200 “seriously mentally ill individuals”–an unconscionable decision following the massacre in Tucson that included the attempted assignation of Representative Gabrielle Giffords whom Brewer once called “a friend,” by a gunman who is most likely mentally ill.

The Committee to Recall  Arizona Governor Jan Brewer reports the following cuts in Brewer’s proposed 2011 budget:

  • $541 million from voter-protected health care for working families;
  • $300 million+ more from education while spending money on corporate (not public) schools;
  • $60 million in additional homeowner property taxes.

Those who will be directly affected by Gov. Brewer’s proposed cuts are:

  • Every homeowner in the state including those whose property values are already “under water”
  • Every parent of school age children in the state.
  • Every public school official, teacher and employee.
  • Every 2- and 4-year college student, college educator or official, and parent of a college student
  • The poor and needy in the state whose healthcare is funded by AHCCCS, particularly adults  without dependent children or with medical conditions that may require certain organ transplants.

Clearly citizens of good conscience cannot allow these proposed cuts, nor can we support the outrageous and dangerous gun laws and the racist anti-immigration policies passed by the Republican led legislature and supported by Gov. Brewer.

That my fellow citizens elected such a clearly reckless, ignorant woman without anything resembling a moral compass is outrage enough. Now is the time for every Arizonan to step up and do right by their fellow citizens.

Sign a petition, donate your time and/or money, and talk to your neighbors, co-workers, family and friends. Gov. Brewer must be removed from office before more people die, fewer of our children are educated, and Arizona comes to represent the worst America has to offer.

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  1. Doc says:

    Thanks for the link, desert, and the informative rant. I’m over there.

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