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A Pro Nuke Environmentalist?

The other day I read George Monbiot’s column in the Guardian, and I have been mulling it over in my head ever since. Monbiot is a well-known, well-respected environmental writer and activist who has done some of the finest writing … Continue reading

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Aljazeera, which is becoming the go-to news sources for what’s happening in Japan, reports that works have once again been evacuated from the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant after high levels of radiation–10 million times more than¬†normal–were discovered.¬† Officials said the … Continue reading

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Sweet Sixteen

UConn beats San Diego State 74-67 to move onto the elite eight. We’ll meet and beat Duke or Arizona on Saturday. Go Huskies!!! The West has always been good for UConn. We’ve gone onto the Final Four each time we’ve … Continue reading

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No More Nukes

I feel as if I’ve flashed back to the 1980s when I made any number of trips to protest near the Nevada test site or to march in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Chico, California. This time I’m not so … Continue reading

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(Anti)Scientific American

Robert Benson reported Monday in Miller-McClune that More than half of the incoming Republican caucus denies the validity of climate change science. Some 74 percent of Republicans in the U.S. Senate now take that stance, as do 53 percent of … Continue reading

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Extremism or Stupidity

As I’m sure you heard, last week while speaking in Manchester, NH, Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann misstated a key historical fact about the American Revolution in a speech to a group of local conservative activists and students when she said … Continue reading

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When the Fringe Moves to the Center

  How many teachers’ salaries, funds for social programs, subsidies for NPR, funds for clean energy does launching just one missile or flying one drone cost us?  

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